Do you know a garage door approximately weighs around 135 kg? What if it is faulty and falls on someone standing near or damages your vehicle? Sounds horrifying-right?

Mostly old garage doors are prone to danger even if it looks fine to you. The older the garage door is the more it needs Maintenance and Tune-ups. It is the largest and most important part of machinery at your home which needs proper maintenance to ensure security, troubles, damage, and accidents. Not to forget an older garage door gives a negative value to your house and a bad impression of people living in it.

Even if the garage door is functioning properly there is a possible chance that the parts which are installed inside the structure are most likely damaged. The rollers, springs, or brackets which support the whole system may need maintenance or repair. Most of the owners who do not pay attention to the little troubles face big troubles for which they are not aware or not prepared.

Let us have a look at the possible dangers of an old garage door.


A report in the US stated that around 46 children had been killed by older garage doors falling on them in the years between 1982 to 1989.

The garage door is the heaviest machine in your house which needs a lot of attention. The door you see is not only the panel but it also has secondary components that lift and close the door.

Even if the door looks fine the components may be on the edge of failure which can cause the door to fall on whatever who on its way. So it is very important to frequently inspect the older garage doors if they need any repair or maintenance.


One of the dangers of an old garage door is that it causes damage to your property. Poorly maintained old garage doors are most likely to have gaps here and there.

The weather could cause serious damage to the valuables inside the garage. In case of rain or snowfall, the water could drip off inside. It can cause damage to the property and the rusting of the springs could cause a collapse of the door which can fall on anything that comes on its way.

It would be additional damage to you if it god forbid falls on your car. Therefore, it is important to not ignore the Old Garage Door if it is sending any signals that need repair or replacement.

An Old Garage Door

An Old Garage Door


An old garage door that is not maintained or not properly looked after might not close properly.

Despite safety locks, burglars can easily break them and can steal the valuables at your home. It is a serious risk for the family who has kids at home and is mostly alone while parents are at work.

The house must be on target by the thieves and they can easily break in because they are well equipped. So if the old garage door acting weird it must be properly checked and no compromise should be made for the loved ones.


Owners who delay installing a new garage door never think of the secondary expenses that an older garage door brings. The door which was installed many years ago were not designed to save energy.

Most importantly they lack proper insulation. So when many years passed by every side of the door does not close properly and the seal around the door become useless. This allows more cold air to enter in winters and hot air in summers causes Heaters and Air-conditions to work more hours than normal.

As a result, the money you were trying to save to replace the older garage door will be spent on heavy electricity bills.


When you ignore the problems of the old garage door the more demanding it becomes. An old garage door needs repair often even if it is not expected. Normal problems could be dealt with and fixed when needed but when it comes every other day makes it hectic for the owner to look for a solution.

After many years to use the problem won’t even fix by the repair and a new garage door must be needed. It would cost even less in front of all the spending done on the maintenance and repairing.

Therefore, it is better to decide on the right time rather than getting into spending extra bucks on an older garage door.


Keeping older garage doors not only brings dangers but is quite heavy on the pocket and wastes the precious time of the owner sorting the issues. It is better to avoid the dangers of old garage doors by replacing them with new one before it gets on your nerves.