Many homeowners use a garage just to park a car or truck or for storage purposes. Nowadays, the garage is considered the most unutilized space of the house, but the reality is, garages can be used for multiple practical and valuable purposes.

To have natural light or other interior lights in your garage is very important while using it as a utility room. How to have good lighting in a garage? What are the ways to increase natural light in your garage? Continue reading the article to get the answers to your queries about garage lighting.

Garage Interior Lighting

Garage indoor lightings are made explicitly for brightening one’s interior space. Besides that, incorporating lighting into your garage room can also ward off potential security risks since it enlightens your whole space.

Garage indoor or interior lights are necessary for increasing the curb appeal of living space but finding the right one is a daunting task.

  • Fluorescent Lights – One of the best options for lighting in a garage as they are more energy-efficient (consume less energy) and eco-friendly (less heat-up the room) than incandescent lights.
  • Xenon bulbs – For focused lighting, especially for the under cabinets in your garage, the best option is Xenon light bulbs. Compared to the halogens bulbs, the xenon bulbs consume for a more extended period and release less heat to the surroundings.
  • LED Lights – Some LED lights around the front door and in a garage room will make the outlook more stunning and eye-catching at night.

Ways To Increase Natural Light In Your Garage

Because lighting with overhead lamps is too low and dim for the garage’s navigation, bringing natural light to the garage becomes essential.

The glass doors, skylights, and windows installed on a garage door are ways to bring natural light to a garage.

1. Installing Windows To Your Garage Door

If you have an established garage at your house, the best option to bring natural light is adding windows to the garage door.


  • These windows come in customizable designs, sizes, and styles. So, based on your aesthetic sense, you can give an order of your unique design.
  • Adding windows to a garage door increase the property value, i.e., the resale value of your home and garage, by over four percent.
  • Overall, it makes your garage more welcoming, glowing, and easier to operate. In addition, it can save your electricity bills by saving a substantial amount of energy.

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  • The addition of windows to the door may potentially damage or break glass, especially if you live in a busy or commercial neighborhood.
  • Individuals’ privacy and security and valuables’ safety are the primary concern while adding windows to the garage door. Undoubtedly, clear glass garage door windows offer a splendid view that significantly brightens the interior; still, privacy issue remains.
Installing Windows To Your Garage Door

Installing Windows To Your Garage Door

2. Proper Installation of Skylights

The installation of the skylights, strategically, will illuminate your garage. Bringing the light from a height with no shadow will make your work more accessible and safer to operate.

What type of skylight should you choose? Well! Contrary to the fixed skylights, ventilated skylights would be the better option because they bring lights and fresh air to your garage, making the environment more eco-friendly.

Installing skylights in a proper position is mandatory if you are more concerned about security and privacy issues.

The main drawback is that they are exposed to leakage due to improper insulation and installation and can become a potential threat to your valuables.

Proper Installation of Skylights

Proper Installation of Skylights

3. Installing A Glass Garage Door

Undoubtedly, the glass garage door is a fantastic choice for increasing the curb appeal of your home garage. These glass doors have a significant impact on the home exterior; therefore, selecting the suitable model that fits the core of the garage space is extremely important.


  • Glass doors are highly customizable,i.e., they provide ultra-modern designs with a wide range of sizes.
  • These doors are primarily metallic or glass framed and appear to be frosted or translucent. The garages mostly lack illumination during the evening, so these versatile doors instantly pass the artificial light or skylight to your garage interior, which glows the indoors for a long time.
  • Frosted glass doors will be your primary choice if you are more concerned about garage security and privacy.


  • One of the significant limitations of glass doors is that they lack proper insulation.
  • There always remains a security issue: the intruders can easily surpass the door and enter your home garage, especially if you are living in an unsafe neighborhood.
Glass Garage Door

Installing A Glass Garage Door

Bottom Line

Adding windows to the garage door, installing the skylights, and using the glass garage door are the primary ways to increase your garage’s natural lighting. Furthermore, if you want professional support for your garage repairing, contact Best Garage Door & Gate Repair Services for improving garage lighting, remodeling, or replacing your garage accessories while properly inspecting or cleaning them also.

It can be done by hiring our professionals or experts garage maintainers, designers, or cleaners.

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