Many people may live in areas where there is plenty of snow during the coldest months. While we make take extra precautions to care for the driveways, sidewalks, lawns and vehicles through this time, it is just as important to take care of our garage doors.

As Garage Door Technicians, we can tell you from experience that ice and snow can ruin your garage door if not removed properly. That’s why we’ve put together a list of tips anyone can follow.

Protect Your Garage Door From the Snow

You might not have thought of it before, but Snow Plow Damage and damage from snow are always a possibility.

Here are a few ideas that should help prevent your garage door from being damaged by snow and ice:

Don’t pile snow – You shouldn’t let the snow pile up on the garage door’s threshold. The piles left by branches, leaves and debris can cause damage as the snow starts to melt. In the long term, the damage will mean a lapse in the energy efficiency of the garage door owing to damage.

Remove Ice – Garage doors are damaged by ice, and it can become a pretty serious issue. Ice starts to form at the base of your garage door. Then when you open the garage door, the opener must work harder to pull it up from the threshold. The extra effort exerted pulls the door out of alignment and ages your garage door opener. Sometimes the build-up of ice can be so strong that it prevents the garage door’s opening mechanism from pulling the door up, causing it to overheat. The answer to this is to remove the ice before lowering the garage door.

Hire a ploughing service – You will want to hire a plowing service that will leave a bit of space in front of the garage. Even though a plowing service will do its best to satisfy the client, they may not always be mindful that their snowplows could potentially damage the garage door.

Invest in a weather-resistant garage door – You will always want to buy a garage door that’s suited to where you live. If you live in a cold part of the US, where lots of snow is common is year, then consider buying a weather-resistant model.

Even though these garage doors cost more initially, they offer the best return on investment since the door will perform way better in the long term, which means no expensive repairs for a pretty considerable period.

Protect Your Garage Door From the Snow

Protect Your Garage Door From the Snow

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As professionals, we know that snow and ice can damage some of the most well-built garage doors. Often one wrong decision by a family member to raise the garage door when it’s held down by ice can cause a cascading effect across the mechanism.

If any of that ever happens, then be assured that our garage door repair technicians have your back.