The majority of homeowners are the victims of the dreaded cluttered garage. Bikes piled in the middle of a garage, and tools are strewn in every nook and cranny. In addition, parking your car with all that mess makes your garage looks smaller, unappealing, and unhygienic.

You should clean and organize your garage in a proper way to make it look & feel more extensive. Believe Us! There is nothing more gratifying than a clean and friendly organized garage.

In order to feel and ensure your garage looks bigger, use these garage ideas and tips to get the most out of your garage’s limited space.

What Is The Actual Size Of Your Garage Space?

To make sure your garage is a smaller or larger one, consider the actual dimensions of a garage, your vehicles’ size, and the objects placed already in your garage while measuring it.

  • Single Car garage sizes vary from 12ft by 20ft and 16ft to 24ft deep, which means 240 to 384 square feet unit.
  • Double Car garage size varies from 18ft by 20ft and 24ft to 24ft deep, which means 360 to 576 square feet unit.

It is to be noticed that the older single and double car garages are somewhat smaller than the similar sizes and types of new homes garages built nowadays.

What Is The Actual Size Of Your Garage Space?

What Is The Actual Size Of Your Garage Space?

Tips To Make A Garage Space Feel Bigger

1. Declutter Your Garage

For most of us, a large amount of our garage’s trash is simply: junk. According to a Wall Street Journal, Removing Junk is one of the top-rated and top-ranked answers from the garage expert in this regard.

Therefore, it would be best first to declutter your garage before storage improvement and load them up on storage containers and wire shelving.


  • Each square foot of your garage space is important to use appropriately. So, clear everything out from your garage room and storage shelves.
  • Just sort out the junk and throw the items which wouldn’t be used in the future or put things on a garage sale.

In a nutshell, a lot you have in your garage is mostly clutter or garbage you don’t need, and by getting rid of it, you will make your small garage feel and look bigger.

2. Make Use Of Your Garage Ceiling Space

To make your garage appears more prominent, you can get the benefit from its ceiling space. It will help if you use this ceiling area more efficiently.


  • Overhead storage racks work as an effective vertical storage system, so install this storage system on your garage ceiling.
  • You can place heavy-duty items such as patio furniture, extra tires, storage bins, and out-of-season things on your overhead racks that make a massive difference in the form of extra garage space.
  • Always go for heavy-duty and high-quality overhead racks that can store and bear heavyweight items and are safe in terms of proper installation on your walls and ceiling.

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3. Utilize Your Wall Storage Space Efficiently

If you do not have shelved walls in your garage, install Slatwall Storage System that comprises PVC wall panels and other wall hanging accessories.

  • It would be a brilliant addition to the walls of a garage as they not only maintain your equipment in an organized manner but also keep your garage tidy.
  • Garage items, such as hand tools, yard, bikes, ladder, sports equipment, and many other valuable items, can easily hang up.
  • Further, it becomes easy to find a specific item, and you do not have to dig through piles to find what you need any time you step into your garage.

4. Other Ideas

  • In case you have established a single-car garage but have two vehicles to park, the only and best possible solution to increase parking space in a small garage is installing a car lift.
  • In order to look and feel your garage a bigger one, you must select a suitable cabinet storage system for your small garage.
  • Updating indoor lighting, repainting the walls, and upgrading the floor coating will create the illusion of making your small garage a bigger one.
  • A weekly or monthly cleanup will definitely make your garage neat and clean, giving you a sense of a larger garage.

Bottom Line

Decluttering or cleaning out your garage doesn’t have to be overwhelming. But to make your garage space feels bigger and maintain your small garage in a tip-top form, you have to invest your little effort, a little sweat equity, and a few hours.

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