Being an adult comes with numerous responsibilities. One of these is to have your own dream house. Even if you don’t have one, that day eventually comes. However, although it is a fantastic feeling to possess your own house finally, the path leading to it isn’t easy. You have to make countless difficult decisions. In all this mess, you are bound to overlook something eventually.

That something quite often ends up being your garage. In these modern times, garages have become quite the norm. They have a lot of advantages. You can store vehicles in them and many other benefits. They also serve as storage houses for items you don’t use regularly.



Those homeowners who choose not to get a garage while building their house regret it later. Then, they have to make extra investments to get one.

A critical decision regarding garages that people face frequently is whether to get an attached or a detached one. There are several pros and cons of both attached and detached garages. Neither is worse, but you can choose based on your preference and what you’re comfortable with.

That is the topic we will be addressing throughout this article. Without any further ado, let’s jump right into it!

Overview Of An Attached Garage

Overview Of An Attached Garage

Overview Of An Attached Garage

Before the 1950s, there were seldom any houses with attached garages. They became a trend after that and are now extremely popular due to their numerous advantages. An average attached garage is usually large enough to accommodate one or two vehicles. Let’s contemplate both their pros and cons to help you decide:


  • Much easier to build

Adding an attached garage from scratch is relatively more straightforward and cheaper than doing so with a detached one. Put it this way. You already have one (or perhaps two) walls that will make the garage framework. All you need is a little investment, and voila!

  • Easy access

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that it is easier to access an attached garage than a detached one. If you’re keeping an extra fridge or using your garage as a workshop, you must go back and forth between them.

  • No need to walk through bad weather

If you live in an area with a harsh climate, an attached garage is a blessing in disguise. You have no concerns about whether it is snowing, raining, windy, or sunny. Open one door, and you will step into the warmth of your garage instead of the bad weather outside.

  • Availability of more yard space

An attached garage means you have free space for a yard or lawn. The same cannot be said for a detached garage, though. Therefore, you might want to consider this factor before deciding if you have children or pets. Even better, you can use the space for a garden, swimming pool, fire pit, etc.

  • Looks visually big

The attached garages can give your curb appeal a real boost as well. Even if your house is small, an attached garage can Make It Look Double its size.

  • Less costly utilities

Having available utilities in your home makes extending them into the garage much more manageable. The same can be done for electricity, gas, etc.

Attached Garage

Attached Garage


  • More insecurity

Most people do not see it, but attached garages make the house much less secure. If a trespasser can enter your garage, they will also have easy access to your home. The same does not happen with detached garages. However, you can take other measures to ensure your house’s safety.

  • The design of some neighborhoods does not allow attached garages

In some communities, the houses are built quite close together. They have a very narrow backyard space as well. Due to lack of space, you might be forced to have a detached garage whether you like it or not.

  • Lack of privacy

This is more of a personal opinion. Some people prefer to use their garage as a workspace or relaxing place. Your family members can pop in in an attached garage whenever they feel like it and keep distracting you.

  • Does not go well with older houses

As mentioned above, attached garages did not become available until the 1950s. Old homes were not meant to have garages. Therefore, it can become challenging to try to fix one with them.

Adding a garage to your home may not look visually appealing if the house is old.

Bottom Line

Have you recently started looking for a home? Are you indecisive about whether to get an attached or detached garage? Fear not, for this article is the perfect solution for you. Hopefully, you will have all the answers you are looking for by the time you finish it.