Garages are an essential part of your house. They are multi-functional, commonly used as a vehicle parking spot, storage rooms, guest rooms, entertainment spaces, etc.

However, a garage only seems as good as its door. If you do not have a sturdy and well-balanced garage door, robbers, insects, and the elements can find their way inside and cause harm. Therefore, one should ensure that their garage door is level. If you’ve had an uneven garage door for a while now and have gotten tired of it, you have come to the right place for help.

We have compiled data on how to level an uneven garage door, and we hope you will be able to find the answers you are looking for here.

An unleveled door always leaves a gap of an inch or so beneath it when you close it. That’s how you know the door is not leveled.

Why Is My Garage Door Not Leveled?

Why Is My Garage Door Not Leveled?

Why Is My Garage Door Not Leveled?

A garage door can become crooked or unleveled for several reasons.

  • One of the commonest ones is torsion springs. Garage doors tend to have torsion springs either overhead or on the sides. They are composed of tightly wound steel and ensure that your garage door opens and closes efficiently.

Every time the door opens or closes, the springs will wind and unwind. If they are damaged, the door may still move but at a much slower pace.

  • An unleveled garage door track may also cause such a scenario.
  • Just like torsion springs, garage doors have Extension Springs too. They, unlike torsion springs, have a maximum weight capacity. If it is exceeded, the door can become uneven. If not dealt with immediately, it can cause the door to stop moving altogether too.

Therefore, dealing with an unleveled door ASAP can save you money and time. If left untreated, the only solution you may have can be to replace the entire door.

How To Balance A Crooked Garage Door?

How To Balance A Crooked Garage Door?

How To Balance A Crooked Garage Door?

Now that you know your garage door is crooked, the next step is to fix it. Unlike what you might be thinking, it’s not that complicated.

However, you will still need to get some tools, time, and effort. Therefore, you can call a garage expert to save yourself the trouble.

  • First up, check the door’s balance. You can only make the required adjustments if you know which side is unbalanced.
  • Next, disconnect the garage door from its Opener. Determine how the door sways when left on its own.
  • Move the door along its tracks to check if there’s anything wrong with them.
  • If the tracks are a go, leave the door halfway and check which direction it moves.
  • Unbalanced doors have a lot of movement, while doors with damaged springs frequently fall when you leave them.
How To Fix A Misaligned Garage Door?

How To Fix A Misaligned Garage Door?

How To Fix A Misaligned Garage Door?

Once the door has been tested, repairing can begin:

1. Cut the power

It is best to turn the power off whenever working on the door. It protects you from electrical shocks or power outages.

2. Examine the door cables

Check the cables thoroughly. Worn-out or damaged cables should be replaced immediately. Rusted cables should be treated equally, too.

3. Call in a professional

If the adjustments are beyond your understanding, call an expert. They will be able to deal with the problem efficiently.

How To Better Seal Your Garage Door?

Although the common belief that weatherstripping issues cause uneven garage doors is false, seals should be catered for. They keep rodents, insects, and the elements out of your garage.

Even if the door is level, it might need to be adequately sealed. If you can see the light coming beneath the door, you need to replace the weatherstripping.

Should a Garage Door Be Sealed?

Should a Garage Door Be Sealed?

Weatherstripping comes in rolls and can be cut to size using a knife. Then, nails or screws can be used to install it.

Ensuring that your garage door is regularly maintained can prevent such an issue. Cleaning the tracks, springs, rollers, and other parts may not take a lot of time but does save you a lot of trouble.

What To Do If The Door Cannot Be Leveled!

If the situation is such that the Door Cannot Be Leveled, a new garage door is your go-to. Although it may cost you, it opens the door to many options.

You can choose a door based on whatever theme you like. Every type of garage door has its perks, and you can opt for the one you want.

You can get a professional to help you choose to. Who knows, maybe you’ll like the new look much more than the old one!


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