Having your own home constructed is something everyone dreams of. When the day finally comes, you want your house built the way you have always imagined it.

All this planning also includes deciding what color you want your house to appear from the outside. The first thought that mostly comes to mind is paint. However, this article focuses on the color of a more specific part of your house, not the paint of the entire building.

The Garage Door

Although it usually goes unnoticed, the color of your garage door can have a great deal of effect on your “Curb Appeal.” If you think about it, the possibilities are never-ending. All you need to do is get a little creative, and you might just pull off something unique!

If you are looking for advice regarding garage door color possibilities, you have come to the right place. We have tried covering as many popular and trending colors as possible. Hopefully, your confusion will be resolved by the time you’re done with this article.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Trendy Garage Door Colors

Trendy Garage Door Colors

Trendy Garage Door Colors

1. Classic White

As expected, white is the most common color people opt for their garage doors. It can very well be called the “default garage door color.” However, it’s not a bad choice at all. It can go well with nearly any paint or house design, making it diverse and flexible.

While driving around the neighborhood, you’ll often notice that white garage doors tend to have colored siding. It allows the door to pop against all the bright colors around it naturally.

Most architects tend to go for this garage door color too. They prefer the simplicity it offers. It also saves them unnecessary time to look for other colors that go with the rest of the infrastructure.

If all these points weren’t enough, a white door allows the textures to be exhibited well, too! Every design produces shadows on the surface that immediately catches the eye.

However, if you are one of those people who prefer a little creativity, we have an idea for you. You can opt for a garage door design that allows you to pick a base color. Follow it by a highlight of the overlays with white. You’ll notice that the patterns are radiant and can be seen from even a little far off.

White Garage Door

White Garage Door

2. Custom Colors

The good thing about white being the common garage door color is that any other color stands out. In most garage doors, you can often find a palette of certain colors, such as brown, grey, tan, and black. However, it’s subjective to what the homeowner wants.

You can even get custom-colored gates for an extra fee. Plus, you will not have to worry about the quality because it is entirely factory-manufactured.

However, if you want the paint job done by a more trustworthy source, you can get a local contractor to get the job done. In either case, just make sure you have an idea of what contrast of colors you want.

Given that your house color is white, you want a dark color for your garage door for optimum contrast. However, again, a white-colored garage door would more than suffice. Moving on, there are other traditional favorite combos such as taupe for brick homes and deep-green for natural wood-sided homes.

If you are still confused, you can peek at the color wheel to get a better idea. The heeding color theory will help you decide the balance of contrast you want to go for.

3. Wood Tones

Last but not least, we have come to wood-tone garage doors. This particular color is a favorite of many homeowners these days. The reason is this highlights ability to dress up homes and give them a more luxurious feel.

These doors work with almost any house design. However, they go extra well with other natural materials. These include bricks, stone, stucco siding, etc.

Whether you are going for faux or real, there are multiple choices of finishes available. However, it is always preferable to Ask a Professional for wood tone garage door color advice. Changing it is much more difficult than a painted finish.

If we refer to general terms, it is always wiser to match the undertone of the house.

Bottom Line

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