The 21st century has come with a lot of perks for humans. We have made countless improvements to our lifestyles by adding a touch of machinery here and there. Many tasks that used to be tedious before are now carried out without even breaking a sweat. This is all thanks to machinery.

How technology has made life more accessible can be seen in almost every aspect of daily life. Let’s take garage doors, for example. The ability to open and close a garage door at the mere touch of a button saves time and energy.

However, just like any other machine, a Garage Door Needs Maintenance. How often should one get their door maintained? The common belief is that the only time a garage door technician should be called is when something breaks or gets damaged.

People do not understand that this mindset costs them more in the long run. If you avoid minor and minimal-cost repairs, your garage door will inevitably have much more significant issues that could have been otherwise avoided had the door been checked regularly. This can increase the lifespan of the doorway more than you can imagine.

Even better is that you do not need an expert to carry out these routine checkups. There is no need for any experience. All you have to do is follow the steps given below.

How Often Should I Get My Door Serviced?

Every garage door should be serviced a minimum of once a year—the time before the fall season is the most sensitive and crucial. The upcoming snow and winter temperatures will be harsh on the door. Therefore, it should be in the best shape to be able to tackle such weather.

Checking Up The Rollers And Hinges

Checking Up The Rollers And Hinges

1. Checking Up The Rollers And Hinges

The condition of the hinges and rollers should be monitored carefully. The nuts and bolts should be kept secure to avoid any mishaps. The vulnerability of these parts to cracking and splitting makes them a possibility for uncalled-for injuries.

However, the fun thing about rollers and hinges is that the homeowners themselves can replace them. You do not have to spend any unnecessary money on calling a specialist. You can get the parts you need from any online website or a nearby store. When you’re done shopping, you can work on your own.

2. Balancing The Door

For this, you need to open your garage door halfway. This allows you to check your door’s balance and spring tension. If the garage door moves up and down on opening, its springs need to be adjusted according to the tension.

Balancing The Door

Balancing The Door

Plus, springs tend to break during the cold season. Winters make the springs weaker and prone to damage. If the springs in your Garage Door Are 10 years Or Older, it’s high time to get them replaced. Leaving them can be dangerous to both you and your family.

If you are too lazy to replace the springs, the least you can do is adjust the torsion springs to avoid letting the garage door opener burn or pass out.

3. Proper Lubrication

Like any other moving metallic part, a garage door can get rusty quickly if left unmonitored. Applying a non-silicone-based Garage Door Lubricant is wise in such scenarios.

Lubricants like WD 40 work decently, but any such fluids that gum up easily should be avoided. You want to solve your problem, not escalate it! Parts such as springs, rollers, and hinges need lubrication frequently. It would be best to be particular about them during the winters since that is the most sensitive season.

4. Weather Seal And Bottom Seal

The perimeter seal can sometimes be needed to be replaced entirely. Bottom astragal and weather seal should be monitored for any (even if minute) wear and tear.

Weather Seal And Bottom Seal

Weather Seal And Bottom Seal

What you need to do is to dim all lights in the garage and close the door. Then, look for gaps or holes that can act as a passage for air or snow. The bottom seal is vulnerable to animal damage or even shrinking from water.

5. Greasing The Gears And Rails

The motor should be opened, and all of its nylon parts greased up regularly. Winter is the most common season for stripped and torn gears.

If you think that grease packets are costly, they are not. Most professional door dealers provide grease packets at quite reasonable prices.


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