During the epidemic, individuals are rethinking their garages as entertaining places for small groups of friends and family. Allowing visitors to “spread out” and still have fun together in the garage is a great way to keep people from getting too close in the house.

To accommodate visitors outside the home’s main living rooms, the garage provides shade from bright sunlight and cover from unexpected weather, with a little imagination. It’s where you may put food and drinks on display and keep your electrical devices from jamming your party sound.


If you haven’t done so, you should Upgrade Your Garage Door. Because it might make up as much as a third of your home’s front facade, the garage door will substantially impact your residence’s overall look and atmosphere.

A wide selection of garage door styles, construction materials, and color schemes are available in the market. When looking for a new door for your home, you should keep in mind the architectural style of the rest of your house.

Carriage-style garage doors appear similar to a horse-drawn carriage and are often chosen for traditional houses. Doors made of aluminum and glass are an attractive and streamlined solution that may be used in modern homes.

Party In The Garage

Party In The Garage

1. Party In The Garage

We’ve got a few innovative garage door and opener innovations that might make your next get-together much more fun. In addition to the compliments you’ll get from visitors who notice your garage’s new look (ahh, the curb appeal!). You’ll feel good knowing that your new garage door does what it’s meant to when you hit the button, protecting your family and guests.

2. Openers With Wi-Fi

In recent years, garage doors have become one of the most sought-after additions to smart home technology. It’s easy to open and shut the door remotely with any Wi-Fi-enabled openers, whether via your mobile device, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, or Google Home. The Wi-Fi opener app may also be used for various other purposes.

To watch your guests, both invited and unwanted, check out all the options for garage door openers, particularly the most recent model with a built-in security camera.

Openers With Wi-Fi

Openers With Wi-Fi

3. For That Guy Who Always Says “Knock On Wood.”

When it comes to garage door design, nothing beats the beauty and feel of wood. It was the birthplace of the industry and remained a popular choice for many. To get the architectural impression you want, you may want to explore the numerous New Options in Garage Door Materials that mimic the wood look while requiring much less upkeep and lasting longer.

Your local dealer may recommend wood finish options that will outlast and need significantly less care than actual wood doors.

4. DIY Garage Door Makeover

Using this simple technique, metal and fiberglass garage doors may easily be transformed into ones that seem more costly. Adding gel stain to your home’s exterior quickly boosts its value and curb appeal.

5. Concrete Flooring

The ability to create the appearance of wood using staining and etching on concrete is a little-known fact. Concrete may be colored and textured in many ways, allowing it to be used in almost any home or interior design scheme. Acid staining is a popular treatment for concrete floors because of the rich color it can provide to the surface.

The floor of your garage is a great place to start when it comes to personalizing it, especially with all of the options available today that make stronger flooring suitable for even indoor living areas, as well as the various coatings capable of protecting concrete floors against oils, greases, and other chemicals.

Concrete Flooring

Concrete Flooring

6. For Party Venues With An Amazing View

Even if it becomes cold outside, you can keep your family warm inside your garage while allowing them to enjoy the wonderful outdoors. These rammed glass panel doors are an excellent option for garages that may benefit from natural light and a sleek, modern appearance.

Explore the latest architectural glass options, which have been substantially increased in recent years. They provide various anodized aluminum frame colors and finishes and various glass options, including low-E insulated glass.

You’ll be able to invite people over again after the nation “reopens.” Is your garage ready? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any Dealer for just a professional safety examination of your present door and opener while we wait until that day. There’s no one better to work with if it’s found that you need to replace that equipment.

Bottom Line

An attractive garage door may make up a significant percentage of your home’s external appearance. Fortunately, they have gone far from the drab selections seen at most home improvement stores. This article’s finest designs may be used to beautify any room in the house instantly.