Are you considering repairing your garage door on your own? Some garage door repairs are appropriate for a DIY effort, but there are others that you should avoid.

While we admire DIYers’ inventive and resourceful thinking, your safety may be jeopardized if you attempt a project for which you are unprepared. To do various garage door repairs properly and safely, you’ll need experience and the right tools.

Unless you have prior garage door repair experience in the construction sector, there are three garage door repairs you should avoid completing yourself!


1. Your Garage Door Is Off Its Tracks

If your door is stuck or not moving smoothly, one or more rollers may not be correctly aligned with the tracks. It’s better to cease using the door and get it professionally repaired if it’s completely off one of its tracks. Attempting to open or close the door with force can result in extra damage. Several factors can cause garage doors to slip off their tracks, including:

  • Bad rollers
  • Damaged Garage Door Panels
  • Broken springs
  • Loose hardware
  • Something obstructing the track

2. Garage Door Spring Repairs

Changing garage door springs is among the most dangerous garage door repairs to do on your own. Garage door spring repairs done by amateurs have resulted in injury and death, so leave this garage door repair to the professionals!

Your garage door’s springs, whether torsion or extension, are under a lot of strain. Keep in mind that the springs are intended to counterbalance the gravitational force exerted by a 400-pound garage door when it closes.

3. Malfunctioning Garage Door Opener

The DIY garage door repair is incomplete if the garage door opener is broken. The device that rises and descends the garage door is the Garage Door Opener.

When someone is repairing the garage door, they should also inspect the opener. This is because if there are any faults with the opener, the garage door’s safety mechanism may not work.

On the other hand, DIY repairs usually deal with the door itself, not the opener. This practice may provide a safety risk to individuals who utilize it in the future. When working on DIY garage door tasks, always consult a professional to avoid any safety dangers and benefit from their experience, knowledge, and high-quality service.

How to Prevent Garage Door Problems?

How to Prevent Garage Door Problems?

How to Prevent Garage Door Problems?

A garage door in good working order should open and close smoothly and silently. Any anomalies could indicate that your garage door needs to be serviced by a professional. Here are some suggestions for Avoiding Garage Door Problems.

  • Make a maintenance program for your garage door.
  • Keep an eye out for subtle changes in your garage door’s operation.
  • If you find a little problem with your garage door, have it checked out as soon as possible before it becomes a major issue or an emergency.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for warning signs. While opening or shutting your garage door, listen for jerky or erratic movement and grinding or scraping noises.

Why Should You Get Garage Door Repairs from A Professional?

Garage doors may appear simple at first glance, with only a few main components that any homeowner or handyman could readily diagnose and repair, but they are surprisingly complex. Because many components are interrelated, a simple alteration can affect others. One of the reasons we recommend having a skilled technician tune up your garage door and garage door opener is this.

Another compelling reason to hire a professional like Best Garage Doors to repair your garage door is safety. Garage doors, as well as their components, can be rather heavy. All of that weight is overhead while the door is open, making working underneath it risky. Springs, cables, chains, rails, and other sharp or heavy moving pieces all have their level of danger. We suggest arranging a service call if you suspect your garage door is not operating as it should.

Experts advise against attempting to fix any parts of your garage door on your own. Hundreds of moving elements — from springs to rolling parts — make up garage doors, and many of them are under intense tension. Untrained professionals risk causing more harm and putting themselves in danger.

Bottom Line

For most homes, garage doors are a must-have. They offer security, peace of mind, and modern doors’ convenience. However, like other aspects of your home, they require maintenance from time to time. DIY garage door repairs can be appealing because they appear to be a simple method to save money. On the other hand, this repair form can be harmful and should never be attempted! Contact Best Garage Doors if you require garage door repair or have any inquiries.