Water damage does come relatively high on the list of all the kinds of disasters that can befall your house. Returning home to find water had seeped through your garage door is probably one of the most infuriating things ever.

Considering that the garage door is in direct contact with the external environment, it is prone to water invasion. Plus, the gaps around its frame worsen the problem. If you want to keep your belongings safe, preventing water from seeping under the garage door is crucial.

Fortunately, there are multiple simple ways to keep your garage door weather-resistant and dry. Not to mention, these solutions are budget-friendly and go a long way in keeping your garage door safe from corrosion and wear-down by weather.

Is This A Flaw Of Garages?

Imagine this! You come back from a well-deserved holiday. You open your garage door, only to find your garage flooded with water.

Unfortunately, many people have gone through this experience. The problem is not with the person. It is a fact that garages are not usually built to be waterproof.

How Do I Stop Water From Coming Under My Garage Door?

How Do I Stop Water From Coming Under My Garage Door?

Keeping that in mind, one should try and eliminate this issue with utter sincerity. Especially if you live in an area where rainy seasons are common, finding a solution to the seeping water becomes essential.

What Are Some Garage Water Leak Solutions?

Luckily, solving such a problem is most simple and quick. Depending on the location of the garage concerning the driveway, multiple ways can be utilized to get rid of this issue.

What Are Some Garage Water Leak Solutions

What Are Some Garage Water Leak Solutions

1. Door And Floor Seals

A flexible seal that extends from one side to the other is necessary for a garage door. The seal can ensure that the door fits entirely to the cement when it’s closed.

The issue with the seal is that over time, it begins to wear and tear. Once this starts happening, the purpose of the seal is lost. Water and insects can quickly enter through the barrier and cause damage.

The good thing is that replacing these seals is not expensive at all. Therefore, the moment you see a deteriorated seal, get it changed.

If you can’t seem to find the seal that works for you, try a different brand every time until you find the one that suits you. Generally, garage doors need to be replaced annually.

2. Landscaping

This is another budget-friendly method you can follow. The basis for this is that if the perimeter of your driveway is higher than the driveway itself, water will build up there instead of draining off the cement.

Once rainwater forms a puddle around a house, it will inevitably invade the premises with time.

A simple solution is forming a path that takes the water away from the house. Although it may take a day or two of intense labor, it is more cost-effective and simpler.

3. Gutters

Usually, the case is that gutters are built around the house. However, sometimes the builders cut corners and do not construct any gutters around the garage.

Therefore, simply adding gutters solves the problem. Seeping rainwater can be stopped from entering the garage this way.

Gutters along the edges of the garage roof are highly recommended. The connected downspouts will direct water away from your roof, where it would otherwise collect and weaken the house’s foundation.

4. Trench Drains

Does the driveway in your house slope downward towards the garage rather than away from it? It is an unfortunate situation that many people have to deal with.

In such cases, constructing a trench drain is a viable option. It tends to Prevent Water From Draining through the garage door and directs it away.

To make a trench drain, dig a trench in the concrete from one end of the door to the other. This is followed by inserting a steel or PVC U-shaped channel. Once this is done, an iron gate is fixated in the drain. This final step prevents larger objects from falling and blocking the trench drain while simultaneously allowing water to seep in.

The only main problem is that you have to remove the grate occasionally to remove any collected debris.

5. Garage Floors

This solution is one of, if not the most, costly solution to water problems. Some people opt to get their Garage Floor completely redone when damaged. The floor can be elevated to a higher level to prevent similar damages in the future.

Bottom Line

However, this water leakage does take a toll on one’s wallet and needs professional help. Thus, only go for it if you have extra money to spare.

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