What is a garage door screen, exactly? A garage door screen is an extension to the garage opening that allows installing a patio-type screen door inside the garage door. This installation takes up the least amount of space feasible – most manufacturers say that their product requires less than 2 inches of clearance in the garage’s height.

It’s a little price to pay for the increased prospects. Such screens allow garages to be utilized as outdoor living areas without the inconveniences. If needed, they come with that setting and act as an additional interior living room, increasing square footage, and property value.

Garage door screens aren’t something you will find on a lot of properties around the country. On the other hand, some home remodeling trendsetters have invested a lot in and lauded this unique system. They discuss the advantages vs. the cheap cost when compared to other home improvement projects. Garage door screens are a “lifestyle” product, as they capture the attitudes and culture of interested people.

So is the hype credible? What are the advantages of using a door screen? What makes you think you’d want one? This article will address all of these concerns.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Door Screen?

Increased Square Footage

Adding usable square footage to your house by using your garage as additional living space is a fantastic method to do it. The garage, on the other hand, isn’t always the most pleasant place to be.

People like working in their garages, particularly during the summer. However, after a while, it may get too hot to work in there. Because most garages lack air conditioning, the heat will be trapped within.

You may believe that the simplest answer is just to open your garage door. But by doing so, you risk bringing pests, bugs, and insects into your garage.

Thus, invest in a garage screen door to avoid all of this. You will have sufficient air circulation and will be able to continue your work in this manner comfortably.

Keep Pests Out

One would just not keep your front or side door open without a screen to keep the pests out. Pests, especially flying insects like flies, gnats, wasps, and mosquitoes may make any environment unpleasant.

You will be able to allow fresh air while keeping pests out by installing a garage door screen. A garage door screen will not only protect you and your house from the effects of harmful pests, but it will also keep leaves, grass, and other waste out of your home, adding to a cleaner environment overall.

Increased Safety, Security, and Privacy

The majority of residential garages face the street and providing a better view of the homes across the street.

Retractable garage door screens are a fantastic option if you and your family are concerned about safety, security, and privacy while spending time in your garage.

With a garage screen door, you may leave the garage open for a brief period while you are away without fear of your goods being stolen.

Energy Saving

In addition to saving energy, Screen Garage Doors allow you to enjoy natural breezes while working or relaxing in the shaded section of your garage throughout the spring and summer months.

Even in the warmest months of the year, staying in the garage keeps you cooler than being outside in the sun. You are helping Mother Nature by conserving energy by not turning on the lights, utilizing a portable AC unit, or plug in a fan to get some airflow.

Debris Protection

These garage door screens can help protect you from more than just insects. Dirt, filth, leaves, and other unpleasant items can enter a garage through open garage doors. You can avoid this by adding a garage door screen, which means you won’t have to remove anything from your garage to clean it frequently.

Bottom Line

There seem to be a variety of reasons to consider purchasing a garage door screen for your house. Garage door screens are the ideal blend of form and function, enhancing your property value and improving the visual appeal of your home.

A well-made door screen will survive for many years without needing maintenance or replacement. Based on how much usage you will get out of it, a garage door screen pays for itself in the long run.

There are many options and styles to consider when it comes to selecting what’s ideal for your house, but here at Best Garage Door & Gate Repair Services, we think the lifestyle screen is a fantastic place to start!