A garage door comes in sight almost every day. If the door of a garage is broken or damaged, it harms in both practical and visual aspects. Doesn’t matter which portion of the door is affected, it stings in the eye to see. So, it should be repaired or changed as soon as possible to retreat all of its functions. And to serve as a pleasant decoration as well as excellent protection against merciless and extreme weather conditions.

The part of the door that is mostly under the state of action is the bottom panel as it is closest to the floor so it gets victimized to unexpected collisions, faces, and absorbs the water whenever the garage is flooded. Pets and wildlife can also have an impact on it, derbies can easily destroy it.

Thus, sooner or later, you have to replace or Repair a Garage Door Bottom Panel. If the door is made of wood, a wooden garage door bottom panel replacement can also be done.

When To Replace A Garage Door Bottom Panel?

The health of the door can deteriorate slowly. It may be due to various reasons, such as damage by the kids playing football nearby or indulge in any other activity, damage by the rain or hailstorm, damage by the unintentional hits of feet or other apparatus. This damage doesn’t mean that you have to change the entire door.

When To Replace A Garage Door Bottom Panel?

When To Replace A Garage Door Bottom Panel?

Only a panel can be changed that is easily available in the market. But don’t postpone this damage for too long, this damage needs to be replaced as soon as possible, otherwise, it can make the situation worse. The entire system of the door can be misaligned because a damaged part puts a lot of pressure on the door opener, this can cause the door to stuck.

If you desire to keep the door protected for long, change the bottom panel as soon as possible.

What Is Needed To Repair?

There is no need to hire professionals for the sake of changing the damaged garage door bottom panel, this easy procedure can be conducted by one who has basic DIY skills. So, you can reduce the cost that can be helpful to buy a high-quality panel.

After getting your hands on the new panel and when you are set to repair, prepare these:

  • Two hoists
  • Vise grips
  • Impact wrench
  • Measuring tape

How To Replace A Garage Door Bottom Panel: Step-by-step Guide

Follow this procedure step by step for the garage door bottom panel replacement with ease.


  1. Check the height, width, and depth of the garage door. Check those new measurements are compatible with the old ones. Furthermore, check that shape is right too.
  2. Unclog the power cord of the garage door opener and disengage the opener from the door.
  3. Connect hoist with top of garage door track, then connect its other end to hinge located as second from downward.
  4. Secure the cable with a vise grip that is joining the bottom bracket to the drum. After checking that hoist is tight and secure, lift the door to around 4 inches.
  5. A similar procedure will be done on the other side of a garage door by repeating Steps 3 and 4.

Garage Door Damaged Bottom Panel Removal

  1. The panel to be removed must be held by 2×4 or something sturdy to prevent it from falling.
  2. Grab the impact wrench and get rid of hinge bolts attaching that are attached to the garage door bottom section to the middle.
  3. Break the bolts that can’t be removed with the vise grip and detach the old garage door bottom section.

Installation Of The New Garage Door Bottom Panel

  1. Put the new garage door panel on the floor under the remaining door.
  2. Attach both sides to track using the vise grip. Now, place the new garage door bottom panel parallel to the floor.
  3. Drill the panel and put bottom brackets in it. Later, put the bolts on both sides.
  4. Place the flange nuts on the bolts.
  5. The cable then secures on the bottom bracket after putting the garage door panel on the floor.
  6. Put the rollers in tracks as well as bottom brackets, now do vise-gripping toward the upper part of the section.
  7. Once this section is up, reach it from every side and then mount the cable on the bottom bracket.
  8. Now you should slide the roller into the bracket.
  9. In order to avoid the falling of the new section, secure the track and hoists.
  10. Before doing away with clamps, vise grips, and hoists, confirm that hinges are connected to the bottom section.
  11. Put the opener back and then plug it back into it.

Good Work! You have performed a garage door bottom panel replacement by yourself.

Bottom Line

It is recommended not to leave a panel broken so that your vehicle or home should be shielded against extreme weather conditions as well as theft. If you feel any kind of difficulty while performing the task, do not hesitate to hire a professional for this purpose.